Kristen Stewart endorsed Chanel

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Known for playing "Twilight", Kristen Stewart is also famous for her foul facial expression and the iceberg image, she could not escape her title of Twilight woman no matter where she go, to get rid of flat screen acting vase image,she boldly took roles in "Clouds of Sils Maria" and "Still Alice", to play at the same stage with many competent actors, solidly honed amazing acting; and more and more fashion circles and the audience loved her.
There is so little anti-brow bone, acting style and maverick "Goddess Twilight" Kristen Stewart, who is undoubtedly the best interpretation of the 21st century, modern version of Coco Chanel. CHANEL soul, Lafayette Karl Lagerfeld picked her again featuring the latest Workshop series "Paris in Rome" endorsers, in the image according to the exposure, she showed sexy, mysterious and casual fashion attitude, while the new version 2.55 Chanel has become a fan of another focus.